How We Can Help expert advice on caregiving

Your Eldercare Consultants respond to families and older adults who have questions and concerns related to the challenges of aging. We provide resources and care management to address evolving issues related to health, independence, safety, housing… and more. 

Is your family facing any of the following—or similar—situations?

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About Health

  • My father’s memory is not what it used to be. Is there a test he should take? How do I talk to him about it without causing an argument?
  • My mom has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  What are the some of the next steps we should prepare for? 
  • What is an Advance Directive and how do we set it up? 
  • I am not sure my aunt is taking her medication correctly. Can you monitor her?

About Financial Issues

  • My mom seems to be receiving a lot of collection notices. Can you help organize her bills and make sure they get paid? What does Medicare pay for?
  • How is in-home care paid for?
  • How can we begin to talk with my parents about their financial situation to make sure they can get the care they need if they get ill? Or need a different housing situation?

About Housing and Staying Independent

  • My uncle is being discharged from rehab. What needs to be “in place” so he can have a successful recovery?
  • I travel a lot for business and worry about my mother… can you help me? 
  • Now that my mom has passed away, I think my dad is too isolated and lonely. How do I find activities for my father to do?
  • Can you explain the different types of senior living residences that may work for my parents?

About Safety

  • Are there some guidelines to help me determine if my mom is safe living alone?
  • Can you help me find devices to help my mother with activities of daily living?
  • I am not sure my father should be driving…if not, how do we take away the keys?

Caregiving Support

  • How do I even begin to have tough conversations with my loved one about my concerns?
  • How do we figure out each family member’s role in caring for our parents?
  • What are some techniques to help relieve the stress of caregiving?
  • How do I arrange emergency care for my mom if something happens to me?

As you can tell, we get a variety of questions related to aging issues. While many families have the same concerns, each situation brings its own set of opportunities and challenges.  We tailor our responses, guidance and support to meet your needs.

Whether you can plan ahead or are in a crisis,
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