How We Can Help You expert advice on caregiving
Your ElderCare Consultants are experts with advanced degrees in social work and special training in gerontology. We help older people who are alone or living far away from caring family members. We also assist local families who feel confused or overwhelmed by their older loved ones’ changing situation and needs.
We provide:
  • Professional evaluation of immediate concerns about an older person’s ability to manage specific activities of daily living
  • Personalized care plans that include recommendations for finding quality services and resources
  • Recommendations of housing options
  • Assistance with moves and relocations
  • Advocacy with doctors, hospitals, home health agencies, insurance and credit card companies, even collection agencies
  • Bill paying assistance
  • Records management and paperwork organization
  • Help in finding in-home caregiver assistance and ongoing monitoring as requested
  • Escort to medical and dental appointments, assistance in understanding complicated medical information
  • Emotional first aid to seniors in distress, skilled crisis intervention
  • Referrals to legal, medical and other essential service providers
In addition to the above services our staff can perform tasks such as:
  • Budget planning
  • Checkbook reconciliation, including preparing checks for client signature, preparing and making bank deposits
  • Respond to overdue notices
  • Cash checks for homebound clients, track expenses
  • Organize receipts and tax documents
  • Ongoing management of mail
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Review medical insurance papers, including notices from Medicare and Medigap companies, verify proper processing of claims
  • Consult about insurance claims for reimbursement or long-term care benefits
  • Dispute insurance awards or other questionable billing issues
Our practice is family-centered. We advise our clients with sensitivity and respect for family history, relationships and circumstances. When you are working with Your Eldercare Consultants you can expect:
  • Regular communication by email, phone or in person
  • Availability 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Friendly, frank advice in difficult situations
  • Team approach and coverage
  • Development of a plan with your family needs in mind
  • An experienced partner in caring for older adults . . . we are there when you need us!
  • A resourceful helping hand in emergency situations, 24 hours per day/7days per week
We have provided professional bill-paying services for more than 20 years. Our protocols are secure and protected by a thorough in-house audit process. We can provide peace of mind to older adults inundated with paperwork, mail, important documents and notices.