Professional Caregivers expert advice on caregivingAt some point as the list of tasks or chores grows, families may opt to hire others to assist the older adult with aging in place.

This team may include:


  • Elder law attorney to ensure that wills, trusts and other finances are in order
  • Home care agency and/or personal care aide to provide supervision or assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Geriatric care manager to help with understanding care options and be the eyes and ears in the home if family is not available. For more information about the types of issues with which Geriatric Care Managers such as Your Eldercare Consultants can help, review the article Stress and Get Better: Care for Aging Parents.
    Geriatric care managers are trained professionals who offer guidance and assistance to families caring for an older adult. A geriatric care manager will assess your situation, identify issues that need to be addressed, and help find solutions to problems. The geriatric care manager will conduct a home assessment, talking to both the caregiver and the older adult so that he or she may assess the client. They will develop an immediate and long term comprehensive care plan, help arrange services and monitor progress. Private geriatric care managers’ services are fee based. If you are interested in contacting Your Eldercare Consultants team, please call 773.576.1602 or email
     Your geriatric care manager may recommend that you hire a non family caregiver to assist you with care. This process is discussed in depth in the section How to Hire A Caregiver. 
  • Medical professionals to assist with understanding disease and what to expect medically
  • Neuropsychologists who can assist with a firm diagnosis of dementia if this is suspected
  • Geriatric psychiatrists to assess and treat depressive symptoms and help with treatment options. They can also assist with medication for individuals engaging in difficult to manage behaviors.

Community Services

  • Adult Day Services
    • Community based group programs designed to provide social stimulation and health services to adults in a safe structured environment. Adult day services also provide respite for the caregiver. For more information on CJE SeniorLife’s Adult Day Services call 847.492.1400  or visit the CJE website
  • Home Delivered Meals
    • Nutritionally balanced meals that require no preparation other than reheating can be delivered right to your door. There are several providers of home-delivered meals services to people deemed eligible. CJE SeniorLife delivers a selection of home delivered meals and freshly frozen kosher foods and soups that are chef-prepared meals and affordable and easy to serve. Call 773.508.1000 to place your first order.
  • Transportation Services
    • Check with your local service agencies including Townships, Senior Centers and Municipalities for transportation sources. CJE SeniorLife provides transportation services. Call 773.508.1000 for details. 
  • Accept that you can’t do it all and think of ways in which you can reach out for help from friends and family
  • Explain to your loved one that you have decided to create a care team
  • Include your loved one in the planning as you build your care team. Make sure your loved one is comfortable with those you have chosen as team members, and arrange for meetings with those team members unfamiliar to your loved one
  • Clearly explain what you expect of your team members, and give them an idea of how much of their time will be needed.
  • Help team members to identify their interests and strengths and select tasks based on these
  • Work together to create a schedule of when different tasks will be completed, taking in consideration your needs, as well as the needs of your loved one and the care team
  • Explain that being a part of the care team means that everyone must participate in scheduled tasks. In the event that something occurs and team members are unable to assist with a task, they will be expected to notify you as soon as possible
  • Check in with your care team members regularly and make adjustments to schedules and tasks as needed
  • Consider having team meetings that include all of the team members
  • Let your care team know how much you appreciate their help and support
  • Understand and respect that a team member may decide that he or she can no longer assist you


Stress and Get Better: Care for Aging Parents